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Understanding Devlin Hodges Net Worth: A Look At The NFL Quarterback’s Earnings And Financial Journey

devlin hodges net worth


Devlin Hodges emerged as a prominent figure in the football world despite not being a first-round draft pick. This quarterback from Samford University captured attention by playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers among other teams in the NFL. His journey from an undrafted free agent to a starting quarterback showcases both skill and determination. The net worth of Devlin Hodges garners interest as it reflects his professional path in the competitive realm of professional football. People follow his financial journey to understand the potential earnings and financial management of NFL players. This interest also highlights the economic aspects of sports careers, beyond just the games played on the field.

Profile Summary

Full Name Devlin “Duck” Hodges
Date of Birth April 12, 1996
Height 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters)
Place of Birth Kimberly, Alabama, USA
College Samford University
NFL Teams Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Rams, others
Professional Role Quarterback
Family Status Details about family are not widely publicized
Net Worth Estimated in the lower range of a few hundred thousand dollars
Notable Achievements Winning the Walter Payton Award in 2018 at Samford University
Interests Avid outdoorsman, particularly known for duck calling

Who Is Devlin Hodges?

Devlin Hodges was born on April 12, 1996, in Kimberly, Alabama. He developed a passion for football early in his life, setting the stage for his future in sports. He attended Samford University, where his college football career was marked by record-breaking performances that made him a standout quarterback.

In his professional career, Devlin Hodges entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent, initially signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers. His time with the Steelers was particularly noteworthy as he took over as the starting quarterback under challenging circumstances, demonstrating resilience and leadership. Beyond the Steelers, Devlin Hodges also had stints with other teams, showcasing his skills across various roles in the league. His journey is remarkable for his achievements as an undrafted player, making significant contributions in the competitive environment of the NFL.

Devlin Hodges’ Football Career

Devlin Hodges embarked on his NFL career by signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers as an undrafted free agent in 2019. Despite the odds, his performance quickly demanded attention. His stint with the Steelers was marked by his role in leading the team during challenging times, especially when injuries sidelined the starting quarterbacks.

Hodges is best known for his time during the 2019 NFL season when he stepped in and played in eight games, starting six. His stats during this period included completing 100 out of 160 pass attempts, throwing for 1,063 yards, and achieving a pass completion percentage of around 62.5%. He threw five touchdown passes against eight interceptions, showcasing his potential under pressure.

One of his key games occurred in December 2019 against the Cleveland Browns, a crucial match following a highly publicized on-field incident in their previous encounter. Hodges led the Steelers to a 20-13 victory, throwing for 212 yards and a touchdown, which solidified his position and made a significant statement about his capability to perform in high-stakes situations.

Hodges’ ability to adapt and perform, coupled with his agility and decision-making skills, played a pivotal role in his career highlights and provided a foundation for his professional journey in the NFL. His journey in the league is a testament to his skill and determination, reflecting a career built on significant challenges and crucial opportunities.

Earnings From Football

Devlin Hodges’ journey as an undrafted free agent began with signing a basic rookie contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2019. Typically, contracts for undrafted players are modest compared to drafted players, often including a minimal signing bonus and a league-minimum salary. For Hodges, this would have been around $495,000 as a base annual salary in his rookie year, according to standard NFL pay scales at the time.

When comparing Hodges’ earnings to the average NFL player, it’s clear that drafted players often receive much higher initial contracts. For instance, median salaries for NFL quarterbacks can range significantly higher, often several million dollars per year, depending on draft status, experience, and team role.

Endorsements And Sponsorships

As a lesser-known player, Devlin Hodges might not have had the same level of endorsements as more prominent NFL stars. However, any endorsements he secured would typically include local or niche brands related to his interests, such as hunting and outdoor activities, given his public persona and personal interests.

The contribution of such endorsements and sponsorships to his overall financial picture is likely modest but beneficial, providing supplementary income beyond his NFL earnings and increasing his visibility and marketability.

Personal Life And Expenditures

Devlin Hodges is known for his down-to-earth lifestyle and his passion for outdoor activities, particularly duck hunting, which is a significant part of his personal identity. Public information about his assets such as homes or cars is limited, suggesting a preference for a relatively private and possibly conservative lifestyle.

In managing his wealth, Hodges would likely focus on prudent financial practices typical of individuals with uncertain career longevity like many undrafted NFL players. Investments or business ventures he might pursue would presumably be conservative or aligned with his personal interests, ensuring a stable financial future irrespective of his NFL career trajectory.

Devlin Hodges’ Net Worth Over The Years

The net worth of Devlin Hodges has seen variations primarily influenced by his status as an undrafted NFL player. While specific figures are not publicly disclosed, his earnings primarily stem from his NFL contracts, which were at league minimums during his active years in the league. Significant factors affecting his net worth include contract renewals, playing time, and his transition between teams.

A visual graph or timeline would show a modest initial increase during his tenure with the Pittsburgh Steelers, with potential fluctuations depending on his off-season signings and releases.

Comparison With Other NFL Players

Compared to other quarterbacks, particularly those drafted, Hodges’ net worth is relatively lower. Quarterbacks entering the NFL through the draft often secure higher salaries with substantial signing bonuses. For players with a tenure and experience similar to Hodges, especially other undrafted players, his financial standing is quite typical, reflecting the challenging nature of maintaining substantial earnings as a backup or a fringe starter.

Public Appearances And Media

Devlin Hodges maintains a moderate profile in the media with appearances often related to his performances in games or his unique background as a champion duck caller. These appearances contribute modestly to his public persona, potentially opening opportunities for minor endorsements or guest appearances, which could impact his net worth slightly.

Regarding future prospects, any upcoming projects or media appearances that Hodges might engage in could provide additional income streams, especially if he leverages his niche interests in outdoor sports and lifestyle.


The financial journey of Devlin Hodges illustrates the variability and challenges faced by undrafted players in the NFL. His ability to secure positions with teams like the Steelers highlights his skill and determination, though these have not necessarily translated into significant financial gain typical of higher-profile players. Looking ahead, Hodges’ prospects for financial growth will likely hinge on his continued involvement in football, whether on the field, coaching, or in sports-related media and activities, alongside prudent financial management and possibly expanding his presence in related endorsement areas.

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