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Bring Out The Best In Your Fantasy Manuscript: 7 Promising Tips


In a world where creativity tends to be undervalued, the fans of the fantasy genre seek works from amazing fantasy writers to satisfy their creative hunger.

Fantasy fiction is one of the most brilliant and engaging genres out there. A well-written fantasy manuscript can effectively grab the attention of the reader, bring them to the edge of their seats, and reveal something important in the best possible way.

Perfecting a fantasy manuscript is easier said than done. If you are also seeking ways to improve your manuscript for your fantasy fans, here are some of the most important tips to consider.

1. Focus On World-Building

One of the most important things that makes or breaks a fantasy work is its world. These worlds and their circumstances do not have to follow the rules of the world around us. Some fantasy writers even build their fiction worlds from scratch at times.

World-building is a highly intricate process that requires a lot of trials and efforts to perfect. If you are indulging in this endeavor for the first time, make sure that you also seek the services of fantasy book editors for hire to help you. These professionals can help you bring out the best in your fantasy work.

You can work alongside your experienced editors to improve different aspects of world-building in your manuscript, such as history, politics, religions, and social structures that shape your world. World-building can be the key to winning the hearts and trust of your readers.

2. Strengthen Your Characters

Characters are the backbones of your fantasy book. Every character must have distinct personalities to resonate with the readers and add depth to your fantasy fiction. The more complex a character is, the more a reader will be interested in finding out more about them.

A large number of characters in your fantasy book may be hard for you to manage and also overwhelm your readers. Choosing the right number of characters for your fantasy book is also an important thing for an author to consider.

Even if you take up the challenge of adding several characters to your fiction work, make sure that you give each one of them an engaging backstory, desires, and motivation. In addition, make sure that you maintain consistency throughout your manuscript.

3. Set Limitations

One of the biggest misconceptions is that the world of fantasy is limitless. However, this is not true. The reality is that just like the world around us, the fantasy world is also supposed to have some limitations and consequences to make it believable.

For example, you must establish clear rules and limitations if you are using a magic element in your fantasy world. In addition, you must also tell the readers about the consequences of violating these limitations for the characters.

If your fantasy world is free of any limitations, the readers will have no reason to stay engaged. Of course, it means that the protagonists and antagonists can achieve anything without any fear of consequences. Such issues can take away the element of excitement from your audience.

4. Introduce Conflicts

Conflicts are an important element that engages your readers and drives your plot forward. Readers will not have any reason to keep reading your work if they do not have an intriguing outcome to look up to. Hence, improving the conflicts in your fantasy manuscript must be a top priority for an author in the fantasy genre.

Adding conflicts to your fantasy fiction manuscript is a strong driving force for readers to keep turning pages. Whether you introduce conflict as an individual’s battle against a corrupt governor or a struggle between two populations, it plays an important role in keeping readers invested in the outcome.

5. Manage The Pacing

As a fantasy author, you will create stages in your book where you want to keep the readers hooked to the details. You will craft some scenes to keep the readers at the edge of their seats. Both extremes are important to make you stand out as a fantasy author. The best way to communicate the mood is through the right usage of pacing in your work.

Pacing is a crucial aspect of storytelling. It focuses on managing the rhythm and tempo of your narrative. It is important for you to create a balance between fast and slow moments to create a dynamic reading experience that holds the reader’s attention.

In addition, the placement of important plot points and revelations is crucial for maintaining tension and suspense. You can use strategic positioning of these significant moments to heighten the impact of the story.

6. Add Plot Twists

Fantasy fiction readers are often looking forward to surprises and plot twists in the books they buy. Any author who fails to engage readers through these elements may not be widely loved and discussed among the genre fans.

As an author, you hold the power to keep your readers on the edge of their seats. You can use this power to stand out among your competitors, gain recognition from the genre fans, and generate word-of-mouth marketing for your book.

You do not have to hold back from subverting the expectations of your audience through plot twists and revelations. Instead, use them as a tool to make your work known and loved by your audience. Rest assured, there is no limit to the amount of plot twists your manuscript can have.

7. Read Fantasy Novels

The best way to master a skill is to learn from the experts. While you may not be able to meet your favorite fantasy fiction writer, reading their work is a way for you to learn from them passively. You must read from as many fantasy fiction authors as you can.

Reading fantasy work from other authors in the industry enables you to try different narrative techniques and learn the right strategies. Reading more work from fantasy fiction authors enables you to not only learn the best ways but also apply these practices to your manuscript.

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